About Us

First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Dark Enchantment, a small company specialized in handmade unique, top-notch products. We are based in the Netherlands. We provide you with all kinds off adornments, from a beautiful hat to pretty burlesque pasties, a Victorian choker to a cyber-ish broche.

Next to that we create historical corsets, which we make especially for you, whether you’re a woman or a man. This means no two corsets are alike! It also means we don’t have any stock corsets and there usually is a waiting list (6 months or more, it varies). We can also provide you with some Victorian underwear, like a chemise or bloomer, bustle or crinoline.

Each year we visit several festivals and fairs, here you can “shop till you drop”! We have a different assortment of pretties every time. Usually it’s even possible for us to make a hat or other adornment especially for you! Together we have a look in our fast amount of ribbons, cameo’s, hats and settings. You will get that one unique piece you have been dreaming of! On most occasions your order will be finished by the time the festival or fair ends.

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