10449895_699889100066192_8141696031683072596_nWe are blessed with an amazingly creative and slightly crazy group of people around us, which gives us the unique opportunity to give you great entertainment for events. From the mental patients of the Asylum, to the cabinet of oddities that your friends can marvel at, to hostesses in period clothing welcoming your guests in style.

The Asylum is the place where patients become nurses and nurses become patients. We can scare your guests or make your party a blast, don’t come to close, we have equipment and love to experiment! This is usually a 16+ act, but we can dull it down a bit for a slightly younger audience.

In Scrinium is our cabinet of oddities, a marvelous collection of items from all over the world that will make you marvel! Tools of old, creatures of far off places, the works. And of course a friendly face to explain everything, well….friendly…. 😉

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