Here are some tips and advice in taking care of your items. Whether you bought them on a fair, special order or somewhere else of course.

– Be careful with rain and showers. Most of our products are not waterproof. If you want to clean your hat or fascinator, use a soft brush to brush of the dust/dirt.

– To keep the feathers on your hat or fascinator use some hairspray. Keep your distance at +/- 30 cm to avoid getting them all sticky.

– Never store your hat at “the bottom of the pile”, once dents are in there it’s very hard to get them out.

If anything falls apart out of nowhere, or something else is wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We won’t bite.. Sometimes the quality of our base supplies (like jewellery-rings/chains/closure mechanism or ribbons/fabric) aren’t up to the standards we expect them to be.


Unfortunately we have to.

Dark Enchantment is not responsible for any injury caused by the items we sell. For instance; our hat pins are sharp and little children can choke on materials we use to create an item (like a flower).

The colours of our items may vary, sometimes the pictures make it seem darker or lighter.

If you have any questions or desires please contact us via our contact form or Facebook.

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